Exterior window cleaning

· Harmor Window Cleaning Services

At Harmor, we understand that your windows are a valuable investment. Our meticulous care and regular maintenance prevent issues before they arise, saving you from expensive repairs. By trusting us with your windows, you can rest assured that we will protect your investment and ensure their longevity, keeping your home safe from the hazards of neglected windows.

1. Wiping water from window frames and sills.

2. Removal of pesky cobwebs.

3. outside window cleaning with the use of bue pads, razor blades, variety of towels.

4. Shoe covers worn inside, furniture covered with canvas/ large blankets

5. Cutting-edge equipment and eco-friendly

6. Green cleaning products to ensure that your windows are left sparkling and pristine in the most efficient and environmentally responsible way possible.

7. Priority scheduling

8. Simple scheduling

9. dedicated personalized proposals in 24 hours

10. a gaurentee to wipe you off your feet

11. insured company

12. uniformed employee

13. sms on the way

14. finacing available for services over $500

15. A simple service agreement to keep everyone on the same page

16. the ability to add on other services